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Conference Program

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The objective of the 2017 OPANA workshop is to move through key advanced PeriAnesthesia concepts quickly and succinctly; therefore, it is assumed attendees have basic understanding of PeriAnesthesia nursing. The workshop is designed to provide additional information that may be helpful in PeriAnesthesia nursing practice; and to assist nurses writing the CNA PeriAnesthesia nursing examination with highlighted information whereby to focus their exam preparation studies. A smart phone game-based learning platform will be utilized to test your own knowledge of material presented during the workshop. Bring your cell phone!

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Saturday - September 30th
0715-0800 HRSSign-in and Breakfast
0800-0810 HRSWelcoming remarks
0810-0820 HRSHousekeeping
0820-0900 HRSKeynote Speech
"Burned in Iceland"
Nicole Rakowski
0900-0920 HRSBlitz 1: Phases of PeriAnesthesia, Pre Anesthesia assessment & medications
0920-0940 HRSBlitz 2: Pediatrics, IV drip calculations
0940-1000 HRSBlitz 3: endocrine, diabetes, electrolytes
1000-1020 HRSBreak
1020-1040 HRSBlitz 4: OSA, STOP-BANG
1040-1100 HRSBlitz 5: Extubation & complications, stir-up routine & ABG's
1100-1120 HRSBlitz 6: Cardiac: MI, ECG, inotropes
1120-1140 HRSKahoot! Test your knowledge
1140-1220 HRSAnnual General Meeting
1220-1300 HRSLunch & networking
1300-1320 HRSBlitz 7: Regional Anesthesia & lipid resuscitation
1320-1340 HRSBlitz 8: Malignant Hyperthermia, anesthetic vapours & paralytics
1340-1400 HRSBlitz 9: Anticholinergic syndrome & reversal agents
1400-1420 HRSBreak
1420-1440 HRSBlitz 10: neuro: facial nerves, GCS, ICP
1440-1500 HRSBlitz 11: Pain & PONV
1500-1520 HRSBlitz 12: Discharge criteria from Phase 1 & Phase 2
1520-1540 HRSKahoot! Test your knowledge
1540-1600 HRSReview & Summary, Closing remarks

Please note that the schedule is subject to change.

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