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Happy Perianesthesia Nurses Week
Posted: Mon, Feb 1st 2021 at 09:05:44
Happy Perianesthesia Awareness Week For the past year perianesthesia nurses have been asked to do a variety of jobs outside of their regular role
Information and Links for OPANA Members
Posted: Mon, May 4th 2020 at 17:49:27
Hello OPANA members, Attached some COVID-19 links for your reference. A Zip file with Quick look guides is also attached. These sheets can be
Letter to OPANA Members - Covid 19
Posted: Mon, May 4th 2020 at 17:46:52
Dear OPANA members, The OPANA Board of Directors would like to reach out to all of our members to take this opportunity to
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The Ontario PeriAnesthesia Nurses Association is a professional association for nurses involved in the care of clients who will shortly be, presently are or have just recently been under the influence of a sedative or anesthetic agent.

Nurses of the Ontario PeriAnesthesia Nursing Association are leaders in providing compassionate, high quality care focusing on the unique needs of patients and their families throughout their PeriAnesthesia journey until they are well on their way to the Road to Recovery.

Perianesthesia nursing is considered a specialty area of nursing practice and our association has taken responsibility to define the scope of perianesthesia nursing practice.

Nursing roles include patient care, education, administration, management, consultation, advocacy and research. Our nursing practice is comprised of nursing processes, decision making, critical thinking and inquiry.

OPANA endorses the National PeriAnesthesia Nursing Standards of NAPANŠ For more information or to order your copy online, please visit http://napanc.ca/index.php/standards

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