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History of OPANA

Founding Members

  • Betty Kay Howard: Nurse Manager, PACU Sunnybrook Hospital, Toronto, ON
  • Shirley King: Nurse Manager, PACU, St. Michael’s Hospital, Toronto, ON
  • Jane (Langtree): Nurse Manager,PACU, Toronto Western Hospital, ON
  • Jo Roa-Yu: Nurse Manager, PACU, Toronto General Hospital, ON
  • Pat Sbrocchi: St. Joseph’s Hospital, Toronto, ON
  • Douglas Moore: Nurse Manager, PACU, Mississauga Hospital, Mississauga, ON
  • Dr. Michael Campbell (Medical Advisor): Chief of Anesthesia, Toronto Western Hospital, Toronto, ON

Past Presidents

1985-87:Doug Moore
1987:Betty Kay Howard
1987-89:Pat Sbrocchi
1989-90:Joan Garrison
1990-91:Jean Cole
1991-92:Barbara Andrew
1992-93:Rhodora Maligalig
1993-95:Diane Buckley (Brock)
1995-97:Elaine Turton
1997-99: Linda Holland (Keogh)
1999-2001:Betty LaRoche
2001-2003:Lynn Ostrovsky
2003-2005:Terri Kitowski
2005-2007:Virginia Casey
2007-2009:Paula Ferguson
2009-2011:Marianne Kampf
2011-2013:Deb Bottrell
2013-2016:Carol Deriet
2016-2019:Ramona Hackett
2019-2021:Candy Epworth

Current Presiding President

2021-2023:Tanya LaChapelle

Special thanks to Sharon Gabriel for compiling the above information!

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