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Happy PeriAnesthesia Nurses Week 2023!
- Posted 2023-02-06 17:41:14

Fellow PeriAnesthesia Nurses,

I would like to take a moment to wish you all a Happy PeriAnesthesia Nurses Week!  This is a week to celebrate our practice and recognize your colleagues for the outstanding work that you do daily.  Although perianesthesia nurses make up only a small percentage of nurses overall, you are a group of specially trained nurses who are resilient and strong and who face change and challenge regularly, all while providing the best experience possible for patients and their families.

To those nurses who are certified in the Perianesthesia Nursing Specialty, I urge you to continue sharing your knowledge with your colleagues who weren’t fortunate enough to receive this certification.  In 1597, Sir Francis Bacon published a saying in his work “Knowledge itself is power”.  The more that this information transfer happens, the more that a perianesthesia nurse knows, and the more likely they will be able to utilize critical thinking while caring for patients.

Please take some time to not only acknowledge yourself and the work that you do, but the work of those on your team as well.  Without you, a large piece of a healthcare puzzle would be missing!

Happy PeriAnesthesia Nurses Week!

Leigh-Anne Marshall

NAPANc President 2020-2022

Happy PeriAnesthesia Nurses Week 2022
- Posted 2022-02-11 17:46:19

Ontario PeriAnesthesia Nurses Association would like to wish all our members a special Perianesthesia week

Dear valued PeriAnesthesia Nurses,

I want to take a moment to wish you a Happy PeriAnesthesia Week 2022 on behalf of OPANA.

Ontario PeriAnesthesia Nurses have demonstrated our value as a specialized nursing group this year with skills that extend beyond perianesthesia. We are an extremely knowledgeable and adaptable group that conquers anything. We continuously show empathy and compassion towards our patients and towards ourselves. This pandemic highlighted how resilient PeriAnesthesia Nurses are. We have been asked to go beyond our comfort zone to help other units in need, and we did. We were able to navigate and adapt to our temporary homes.

As a PeriAnesthesia community of professionals, OPANA is committed to ensuring that we thrive as a specialized nursing group. We are in the process of planning an upcoming symposium scheduled for fall 2022. We are currently focusing on the educational needs of Ontario PeriAnesthesia nurses. We are open to any suggestions that would benefit OPANA members and would greatly appreciate any feedback to share with us.

Moreover, Ontario has been selected to host the 2023 NAPANc conference to be held in May 2023 in Ottawa. Planning will be starting soon.

On behalf of OPANA,

Tanya Lachapelle
OPANA President 2021-2023

Happy Perianesthesia Nurses Week
- Posted 2021-02-01 09:05:44
Happy Perianesthesia Awareness Week For the past year perianesthesia nurses have been asked to do a variety of jobs outside of their regular role and they have not only been up to the task, but also highly valued in many ways. Perianesthesia nurses have been added to ICU teams, floated out to many different surgical and medical units. We have been giving injections at COVID-19 vaccine centres, collecting samples at assessment centres, and have become PPE experts. All of this while holding down the fort in preop clinics, surgical admissions, PACU and surgical day cares. Perianesthesia nurses should be very proud of the resilience and positive attitude they have shown for the past year. Celebrate this week with your perianesthesia team and share what we do with family and friends. Please reach out to OPANA if you have any questions. We are here to help. Sincerely, Candace Epworth, RN, BScN President, OPANA 2020/2021
Information and Links for OPANA Members
- Posted 2020-05-04 17:49:27
Hello OPANA members, Attached some COVID-19 links for your reference. A Zip file with Quick look guides is also attached. These sheets can be printed and are very helpful. For practice and competency questions : Links to Covid-19 information for nurses can be found at the RNAO and CNO website : https://rnao.ca/covid19 and https://www.cno.org/en/trending-topics/novel-coronavirus/ ASPAN has developed a ‘ COVID- 19 Toolkit ‘ : the link can be found here: https://www.aspan.org/Home/COVID-19 Also, Michener and UHN have developed: The Michener Critical Care Learning Website https://criticalcarelearning.ca/login/index.php. Here you will find very helpful leaning modules. We have attached a ‘ how to register for Michener tip sheet’ in order to access the Critical care learning website at Michener. Also from The Society of Critical Care Medicine and University of Toronto: https://www.quickicutraining.com/topics/ access to a zip file with all of the Quick look cards is attached to this email Another great resource form U of T: ICU For non ICU Clinicians https://covid19.sccm.org/ OPANA BOD
Letter to OPANA Members - Covid 19
- Posted 2020-05-04 17:46:52
Dear OPANA members, The OPANA Board of Directors would like to reach out to all of our members to take this opportunity to recognize the extreme personal and professional challenges that many of you may be facing during this COVID-19 Pandemic. The devastation that this disease has presented to us provincially, nationally and internationally is unprecedented. Please know that we are working collaboratively with our nursing leaders, anesthesia and surgical teams and we are collecting the work that has been done at different organizations for future guidance on pandemic planning; at this time OPANA recommends following local hospital guidelines which should align with provincial & national recommendations. We recognize that many of you, as peri-anesthesia nurses, may have already been redeployed to different areas or are in the process of shadowing in a clinical area to prepare for a possible pandemic surge. We understand that some of you may or may not have had previous experience in these different environments which can be very stressful. To support our OPANA members the best we can, we have provided several excellent resources that we hope you will find helpful. Most of the clinical information has been developed specifically for the Covid-19 pandemic situation. As we try to manage our day to day responsibilities, we want you to know that the OPANA Board of Director group are here to support you as we all navigate our way through these uncertain times. We would like to acknowledge your professional dedication during these extraordinarily difficult circumstances. Please stay safe. Feel free to reach out through the OPANA website for any additional information and support. We are working on posting COVID information in the days to come. With respect, OPANA BOD

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